Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Celebrity Closets -- What is your closet like?

Kim Catrell's Closet. This is my favorite closet, as it is more typical of most homes. Even if you had a small walk-in closet, you could achieve this simple look. So why am I looking at closets? Well every fashion lover has to have someplace to put her stuff. Also, my parents were recently repainting their bedroom closet a super bright white, kind of like the one below, and it inspired me to look at my own bulging and dirty closets. Now, if that closet only had a small chandelier it would really be rocking. So this week, I may look at painting my own closets and reorganizing. I did say may!!! I have so many projects I am mind boggled right now. Will definitely let you know.

Olivia Palmerno's Closet. She is off "The City". Cute young fun closet.

Rachel Zoe's Closet. Although, she has moved since this picture was taken. Love the bags everywhere.

Eva Longoria's Closet. Love the little dog.

Nikki Hilton's Closet. Looks more like a total bedroom devoted to a closet. Love it.

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