Monday, September 20, 2010

Gossip Girl Season 4

I love Gossip Girl!! I love the fashions and the fun. Season 4 has started. Hey folks worth the watch.

Love Gossip Girl.
Love Gossip Girl.

All photos are promotional Gossip Girl photos.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rachel Zoe's Nail Polish Pic Les Khakis De Chanel

It's no secret I am a Rachel Zoe fan!! Love her!! I love her pic of the Les Khakis De Chanel Nail Polish. Just not crazy about the price. I was thrilled when I went to my neighborhood Walgreens yesterday and they had this great Revlon Creme Brulee nail polish on sale for $2.99. What a find, what a bargain. This has a little bit of sparkle in it. The Chanel does not appear to. Opi also make Over the Taupe, which I was going to search for, had I not run across this great Revlon color.

Now, about the length of nails. I have to admit, I am a short is best girl. Really short. You?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What are you saving money on? I am saving money on dry cleaning. Those clothes that can be delicate hand washed and air dryed, are skipping the dry cleaner. I bought a Conair Steamer, and Love It!! Love It!! What a great way to refresh your dry cleaning, and get another wear or 2, as well as those clothes that you delicate wash and air dry. Then just steam. So much easier than ironing. I still put them on the ironing board to crease the sleeves, or crease pants.

So, as I asked earlier. What are you saving money on? The cost of the steamer on sale was worth it. Plus as an added bonus, I watch my DVR'd trashy TV while I steam.

Conair steamer. Great gadget.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boyfriend Jeans - Fold your jeans 1950's Style

Everyone wears them. You know you love them. The Boyfriend Jean. Make your own!! The jeans below are a bootcut that I wear with heels. You can fold and make your own Boyfriend Jean. Or as I like the say, the 1950's jean. Remember Happy Days? Everyone had rolled jeans. Well here is the 1950's roll. Super easy.

Take jeans and lay them flat.

Next, pinch in the middle.

Make one roll.

Make 2 or 3 rolls. You can fan yours a bit like this one is done, or leave it with the fold pinch and it looks great too. I normally roll mine 3 times, but up to you. The more the pinch the tighter the bottom. And, yes, they stay rolled all day long. I use a loose pair of jeans, so I get the slouchy boyfriend look.
Now, put on your heels and go!! You are ready. Or, how about some Oxfords, or Booties, or, you name it.

This is the back of the folded leg.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

White Shirt after Labor Day

Can you rock a white shirt after Labor Day? The answer is Yes!! A classic white shirt is classic all year long. Under a cardigan, under a blazer, or standing on it's own.

The photo below is from a Got Milk ad featuring Carolina Herrera and her daughter. Herrera always rocks a white shirt, it has become her signature style.

Rachel Zoe rocking a white shirt under a sparkly cardigan/jacket.

Do not know where the Zoe pic is from, sorry.