Saturday, March 20, 2010

1955 Vogue-- Happy First Day of Spring-Blush Pink Chico's

Happy First Day of Spring.
It is snowing here. Oh well.

I love this 1955 Vogue photo below. I am not sure if she is wearing a white or a pink blush color. It is gorgeous.

I am loving the pink blush color I saw when I walked by a Chico's window the other day. It is very soft and can be worn by everyone. They had it in jackets, shirts, and even a scarf. Check it out it is a great color.

Photo below from: It is the Burnout Slice Scarf for $39.00. Love the belt too!! I am loving their blush pink color this year. Check it out, it is beautiful. Not to pink and not to blush, just right.

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