Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring is Here!! Bring on the White Nail Polish!!

Spring and Summer always remind me of White Nail Polish. Not the white like is on a French Manicure, but good old fashioned pearly white. The kind of your Mother's generation. When I was a girl, I can remember my Mom talking about a Sister-in-Law (Camille) (always thought what an exotic name it was), who had long white fingernails. That has always reminded me of summer, oh, that and the Barbie Pink color. So when wandering through the drug store the other day I picked up a bottle of the good old fashioned pearly white nail polish and treated my toes to a paint. Love it, now bring on the flip flops. Maybe I will do my fingernails too. Nothing looks better on super short nails than a light white color. What reminds you of Spring and Summer?

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