Monday, May 10, 2010

Carrie's Apartment Sex and The City

So my daughter is moving into a new apartment. Her first alone. We were reminiscing about Carrie's Apartment in Sex and The City. Who didn't love the apartment?

The Closet. Showcases her clothing and accessories beautifully. It is a great gray color.

The entry, love it, love the landing strip for keys and mail. And, I am a fan of bookshelves. Good old fashioned full bookshelves. Not those cutesy leaning ones for decorating.

Living room, working room. Love the old vintage credenza with pictures stacked on it. I also love the desk, round table, and old chairs. Very vintage. Anyone can create this look on their own. That is what I love best.

The bedroom area. I love the chair as a nightstand, and the long stool at bottom of bed. My favorite part is what you don't see. The ledge behind the bed, for books etc. That is so very 1950's. I have always wanted that behind my bed, but the Hubs just doesn't get it. Maybe someday. Again, a look anyone can achieve.

Carrie's new sleek apartment, after her and Big break up in the Movie. Simple and sophisticated.

The living area and desk. I love the Parson style desk. Walmart had them a year or so ago, not the best quality, but great for a college student, and my daughter picked up a black one. It has served her well, and if it gets a scratch, just good old black marker touches it up.

Enjoy. And, remember your first apartment, as I help my daughter achieve her dreams and get her first without a roomate.

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