Friday, February 18, 2011

Tutu Desk -- Tulle Desk -- Made

Every fashionista needs a desk. Can you imagine what you could accomplish at this desk? Well this is the desk that started it all.

Black and Spiro Desk.

I absolutely love this desk. However, my room isn't big enough for this one.

So, I have this super ugly wicker 2 door chest that I have had for over 15 years. It originally was brown, and was repainted white about 5 years ago. It used to house a TV and sit against a wall. But, it's height is perfect at 30" and it has storage, so a desk it is going to be.

Yep, it's ugly. See where I cut out for the cords? Nice.

But you know you love it now. I love it. Everytime I walk by this room I smile.

I did it in white, as this is mostly a white room. However, I think it would have been beautiful in black too.

Year's ago when it housed a TV on top, I had a thick piece of glass cut for the top, and I kept the glass as it makes the writing surface good and smooth. I could put pics or whatever under the glass, but I like the clean look.

I left the back of the desk open, as I need to access the shelving and doors to store stuff in.

An old chair I covered with foam and stapled fabric to for looks, and comfort.

The other side of the room is for exercise.

Old houses small closets. Storage and exercise.

No picture tutorial for this desk.
However, it is super easy.
Get broadcloth fabric in whatever color, black, white, pink. Cut and hem to height and length.
3 times the fabric in tulle. Leave the tulle folded like it came off the bolt, and cut into 6" strips.
Now the fun part. I used hot glue. I scrunched (totally technical term here) and glued about every 4 inches with an inch of glue, starting at the bottom, then overlapping. Use a straight edge - yardstick from your hardware store.
Then, I stapled it to the top of the table, between the edges so the staples would hide. So easy. If you are using a table, you could hot glue it to the edge, or staple underneath.
If you sew, you could sew it, however, I don't sew. Don't worry about the hot glue showing, it kind of hides itself in the tulle. I tried fabric glue, but took too long to dry and still showed a bit. As for hot glue, I used the low temp stuff, and yes, It was all over my fingers, and a little hot too.
Make one, you will love it and smile too.
Now to make a bigger one in black for my daughter. If I get to make one in black I will post it here.

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