Friday, October 16, 2009

Vanities -- Who Doesn't Love A Vanity? - Mirrored Vanities

I know I have always wanted a vanity. I don't have the room for one. However, it seems like it would be so relaxing to sit at a vanity and put on my makeup. The one below is wonderful as you could get natural light while applying your makeup. Love the round mirror, oh just love it all. Every fashion lover needs a great place to put on her makeup, or paint her nails. Enjoy these great rooms with vanities.

Picture below from Country Living.

Simple kidney shaped vanity with skirt and wonderful mirror.
Sorry, don't know where image is from.
I love this vanity. It uses an old table, and again, I love the use of natural light to put makeup on.
Image from Martha Stewart.

Mirrored vanity. I have been seeing tons of mirrored furniture lately and just love it. It is truly fashion for the room. Again, natural light.
Sorry, don't know where image is from.

I love the mirrored vanity, and old mirror. Take a peek at the wall to the right it is padded. How elegant, and... a window to the left, again, natural light.
Sorry, don't know where this picture is from.

Now, if you are limited on space, this vanity could be for you. Vanity is in the middle with two lockers on each side for storage. Again, looks like a window to the right. Great space.
Image from Pottery Barn Teens.

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