Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crazy Gadgets That Work, Perfect Fit Button

First and foremost, No, I did not get one free, and was not paid for this. I just happen to loose and gain 5 pounds regularly, and needed something other than a safety pin. So, I ran over to Walgreens, because they have the As Seen on TV stuff, and picked these up. Guess what? They work. I have even washed the pants and they stay in. I am sure you should probably remove them before washing, but I forgot. I wouldn't put them on kids pants as if they come off they will poke you. I believe there is a disclaimer for that or something. But, for us adults, they are perfect. You get like 10. I have only lost one, I don't think I had it on good, and it was on a side pair of pants and I think it caught on my purse. It didn't poke me, just the button fell off somewhere and I was left with the inside.

That's my post for crazy gadgets that work.

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