Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer White Shirts

Years ago, I saw a picture of Carolina Herrera in a fabulous white shirt. Much like the picture below. I was struck by how amazing and classy she looked. I do love her designs too. I have seen many interviews etc. by her and she always has on an amazing white shirt, what can I say about the bangles? Love them too. Anyway, I digress, it is about the white shirt. I currently have 5 or more in my closet. I love them, I search for them, the amazing white shirt. I have several that are amazing, and I think of Carolina Herrera everytime I put one on.

So this is not a post about Carolina Herrera. It is a post to inspire you to find an amazing white shirt. One that you will not only wear in the summer, but all year long, (which you can do you know). So go forth and hunt for that great white shirt.

I am sorry I don't know where this photo is from.

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