Friday, March 4, 2011

Shoe Storage

Shoe storage. Everyone wants more. Reuter's News Service says the average woman own's 19 pairs of shoes. Well that info, and the fact that my daughter's boyfriend's dog, (wow weird sentence), ate another pair of her boots, got me thinking about shoe storage.

Older houses have very little storage. When I saw the great Pic below in "O" Magazine, it gave me some ideas.

What are you using for shoe storage?

Photo above, "O" Magazine, Brooke Cundiff.

I have tons of these plastic bin things that each have 3 bins in them, those stacked in a closet might work. Maybe some nice paper in them, or a sachet?

Don't judge, full closets, and tons of Beannie Babies. Really, need to get rid of the Beannies.
Closed shoe storage would keep the dog out. But, would this work? Hmmmm.

Dream shoe storage. Say, ahhhhhhh.

Sorry, don't know where the above pic is from. It is amazing.
Ok, yes, I would love to open a closet and just look at my shoes. Don't know where below pic is from, sorry.

Pic below is from Design Sponge. It is a great idea. Love the use of shelves. Kind of gives a Rachel Zoe kind of feel to it.

Image below via Apartment Therapy. Love the shoe storage.

Or, do I tell her to hit the dollar store and get tons of the plastic boxes, and just photo, and stack? Hmmm, love the dollar store.
May do that for photo storage? Oh, well another post.

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clearandstyle said...

Your 4th pic down from top w/ "Sorry, don't know where the above pic is from. It is amazing"
That's the entire Sarah Storage Tower - Shoe & Handbag
from Ballard Design
On a pic select "more images" to see entire set like in your pic. Really great item but like all things Ballard, very $$$
Great site!!