Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Make Your Own - Boyfriend Jeans

Old Navy Weekend Jeans $19.00. WOW!

Okay so I know the trend is Boyfriend Jeans and you see them from soooo baggy you can take them on and off without unbuttoning them, to tooooo tight. Well, when watching trashy TV the other day I saw an ad for $19.00 Jeans at Old Navy, and they called them the Weekend Jean. I liked them because they were a little cropped and not too tight and not too loose, (sounds like the 3 little bears, or pairs of jeans -- ha ha). Alas, I really don't need any jeans, even at a killer $19.00. So I did what any good fashionista would do, I improvised. I took an older pair of jeans that was a little loose, and stretches out fast, and thought about cutting them, but in the end just rolled them up 4 times, and poof, I had some Weekend, Boyfriend Jeans, YEAH!!! Now with the extra $19.00, do I go to lunch or ------ check for some shoes on sale? You know the answer, sandwich from home and SHOES!!!!! You can do it too, fashion doesn't have to be expensive, fashion is fun. Oh, and if you don't have any old jeans in your closet --- scoot on down to Old Navy, I mean really $19.00, you can't beat that. Oh, and for the umpteenth time, ignore the size, go for the fit!!!!! Just cut the tag out.

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