Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rachel Zoe Project - Season 2 on Bravo

If you haven't caught the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo you are missing some fun. Let's just say "I die, and Banannas!". I will be curious to see how the recession will impact how she styles. It was touched on a bit in the first episode of season 2 by Roger, but not really much by Zoe. I know the award shows toned it down a touch, so again, let's see how they do with the recession. It is a fun lighthearted show that takes a peak at the stylist and what she does. It is great for all you fashionistas out there. The one great thing she really preaches is to take a few minutes to yourself to get dressed. You can have that Ah Ha moment!! Oh, and let's just say jewelry, jewelry, jewelry!! Monday nights on Bravo. Of course it is opposite Gossip Girl, so you will have to DVR one and watch one. You gotta have your Gossip Girl, right?!!

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