Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coco Before Chanel - Movie

Fashion and a movie all in one -- Bring on the Popcorn. Can't wait till later this fall when Coco Before Chanel comes out. It chronicles her early years after her father died and into her early fashion years. As you can see by the below set photos it looks amazing. She had such a sense of style. Although most people will know her for her cologne, it was her fashion that was totally amazing. You may not know that she also did interior design. What a trend setter. The below photos are from the set and IMBD. Take a peak, love the large sofa and library wall behind. Girls, I know you love your fashion, but read too!! You can read about fashion. Here is an interesting tid bit, her apartment on the 3rd floor above the Chanel Shop at 31 Rue Cambon has been frozen in time since her death in 1971. Wow. As you can see from the set photos her apartment was glamorous and eclectic, not the matchy matchy kitch 70's style. As for the clothes, I am currently looking for a inspired kind of Chanel black and white checked jacket, like I see Taylor wear on RZ constantly, although her's is Chanel. I will find one. Truly can't wait, for the movie.

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