Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rachel Zoe's QVC Line

Rachel Zoe's Line for QVC debuts on 9/12/2009 at 8PM Eastern. Prices range from $32.50 to $130. She will be debuting her line of faux furs, accessories, sunglasses, handbags, and scarves. Can't wait. What fun to see what she chose. It is a 3 hour show. Having watched these celebrity lines on QVC before, I am sure it will sell out. I will just wait and see.

Now for the Rachel Zoe show. Loved it. Although I like Taylor did not watch the Oscars. Sorry, blame it on the economy and celebrity overload. However, I do love watching Rachel Zoe. She is only slotted for 10 episodes so it is a quick indulgence. I guess I will have to get hooked on the New Melrose Place tonight for my fashion fixes. Hopefully Zoe will do a season 3.

Rachel Zoe's Line for QVC. Photo NY Magazine.

Rachel Zoe and Rodger in Malibu.

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