Friday, July 17, 2009

All about Red! Flats, Purses, Sunglasses

Second beautiful tomato out of the garden. Yeah. It got me thinking about reds. How red is just a great pop of color for a boring outfit. Below are some great frugal "Red" finds. Enjoy.

Forever 21 both online and in store the "Perez Shine Flats" $8.50. How could you not love that?
Forever 21 online and in store the "Frame Wallet" $6.50. If you have not had a frame wallet they are wonderful. Grab as a clutch or use as a wallet.

Forever 21 online or in store Sunglasses $5.80. WOW!

The weekend is coming. If you feel the need to shop.......go for a Frugal Find!!

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